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Business / September 28, 2018

1.National Green Corps Initiative by National Environment Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), Nigeria; 

‘…..The NESREA Green Corps (NGC) Initiative focuses on individual responsibility at achieving a cleaner and healthier environment. It affords the individual the opportunity to render selfless service to humanity, particularly to his community in the protection of the environment. It also empowers the individual to be a true Vanguard and Watchdog of his/her environment.

It is in realization of the unique role of the citizen in environmental protection, that the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), an Agency of the Federal Ministry of Environment, birthed the NESREA Green Corps initiative as a mechanism for operationalizing environmental Volunteerism in Nigeria, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. The initiative was formally launched by the Honourable Minister of Environment. Subsequently the initiative shall be launched at the Zonal and State levels

Goal and Objectives
The overall goal of the NESREA Green Corps Initiative is to actively involve the citizenry in environmental governance through volunteers under the guidance of NESREA. Among the objectives of the Initiative are to:
 Promote environmental Volunteerism among the citizenry.
 Mobilize the citizenry in solving environmental problems.
 Create environmental awareness at all levels.
 Build partnerships up to the community and grassroot levels.
 Inculcate environmental discipline and consciousness; and
 Empower the citizenry in effective environmental stewardship
……..’ For detailed information about NESREA and its National Green Corps Initiative,
please visit: https://www.nesrea.gov.ng/green-corps-initiative/

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