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1. National Green Corps Initiative by National Environment Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), Nigeria
…..The NESREA Green Corps (NGC) Initiative focuses on individual responsibility at achieving a cleaner and healthier environment. It affords the individual the opportunity to render selfless service to humanity, particularly to his community in the protection of the environment. It also empowers the individual to be a true Vanguard and Watchdog of his/her environment.


2. Could COVID-19 give rise to a greener global future?

‘…….On one planet, all species, countries, and geopolitical issues are ultimately interconnected. We are witnessing how the outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China can wreak havoc on the entire world. Like COVID-19, climate change, biodiversity loss, and financial collapses do not observe national or even physical borders. These problems can be managed only through collective action that starts long before they become full-blown crises.