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E2E Professional Services Our company leads a consortium of specialised companies who are national, regional and global leaders in their respective fields such as installation and operations of gas generators, installation and maintenance of renewable energy projects, gas supplies, organizations / experts in recycling of waste products and other services. This approach gives us the advantage of offering End-to-end professional services such as designing, capacity planning installation, operations, and maintenance of all such projects in Nigeria and in rest of West Africa. All customers and projects are given focused services and attention resulting in high customer satisfaction.
Support Network of Individuals and Organizations Recycling Waste ProductsThrough our waste products recycling efforts, we plan to support an army of waste collectors from urban centres in Nigeria and rest of West Africa directly and / or through organized waste collection firms. This effort will provide productive employment or earning opportunities to hundreds of such workers in different cities of Nigeria and rest of West Africa. Not only individuals but also organizations in the waste recycling chain such as collecting agencies, cleaning, sorting and bailing firms, recycling plants and distributors of recycled finished products and even the transporters will benefit from this economic sub-sector.
Investing and Aiding R&D and New Product Development We are always on the lookout for any new product development and R&D that helps the Green Environment cause globally. Once we identify such initiatives, we aim to invest and aid projects that aims to localize the initiative to Nigeria and West Africa. This is planned to be done as a JV or M&A route or a new venture.